TNT BJJ Federation

Detailed Instruction from a BJJ Expert at your Fingertips

Hundreds of training videos and more than 30 hours of the most detailed instruction from Blue through Black belt (16yrs-Adult) and Gray through Green for our Youth members! Our modules are extremely high quality all shot in 1080 dpi (High Definition) with exceptional sound quality that makes them easy to see and hear details. Each technique is performed multiple times with additional zoom and angles to provide the viewer with the best possible vantage points on important details. You will feel as if you are sitting right there on the mats learning. The advantage will be that you can rewind and refer to each technique whenever you wish. The modules are specifically designed as a building block. Each section and each belt level will build upon the foundation of the previous and give you all the tools you need from the bottom up to become a highly skilled practitioner and instructor.

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Coach Scott Tannenbaum is a 4th degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rigan Machado. His detailed instruction on the most important aspects of self-defense and efficiency will elevate your skill-set. Click below to access up close and detailed videos.

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Spartan Nation in Mesa, Arizona

More than a Gym

Spartan Nation has a mission statement: The Spartan Nation exisits to emotionally balance, physically transform, and mentally elevate. Each class has been developed to not only bring you powerful self-defense skills, but to also allow you a moment to learn, to breathe, to improve you. At Spartan Nation, you can Find your Greatness.

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Spartan Nation Combatives and Fitness Center in Mesa, Arizona offers Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Grappling, No-gi Jiu-Jitsu, Strength&Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, and much more. Visit website.

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Dan Huber Training in Mesa, Arizona

Come. Find your Greatness.

Professional Mixed Martial Artist Dan Huber offers personal training. In one on one sessions, you can lose weight, get in great shape, gain strength, learn fight technique, learn women's self-defense, or a custom combination to meet your needs. Each personal training session is developed to help you hit your goals for physical fitness, health, sports development, and/or self-defense technique. Dan has helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds over the last 10 years. You can hit your goals by contacting him today!

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Contact Dan:

  • Weight loss
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Fight Technique
  • Customized, fun workouts
  • to Find your Greatness

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